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Randy's Personal Scrap book!

As fans have been kind enough to send in pictures and comments they have taken when running into me on the road (not literally!), I thought it would be great to share some of my pix with you guys......Enjoy! 

Click any Picture to enlarge!

The Newest Pics from the Peg! A Quick jaunt home for the holidays produced the following...T'was great seeing family, friends and loved ones! 

global-warming.JPG (19982 bytes)

Proof of global warming....Xmas eve in the ‘Peg… no snow on the roads!

hiebert-house.JPG (23473 bytes)

The Little Hiebert House on the Prairie!

backdoor2.JPG (566147 bytes)   backdoor1.JPG (27457 bytes)

Do, Do, Do....Looking out my back door!


Light Shows from the Road......only a road dog with too much time could come up with these!

airborne-noodle-candy.jpg (336669 bytes)burnin-up-the-road.jpg (344308 bytes)high-roglyphics.jpg (241553 bytes)

electrical.jpg (889233 bytes)snakedance.jpg (265763 bytes)jonathan-livingston.jpg (437413 bytes)

lavalamp.jpg (258574 bytes)northern-lights.jpg (703430 bytes)orbital-lightshow.jpg (345178 bytes)







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Randy & Dusty

 A great picture of a recent visit from fellow Canadian rocker "Dusty"! First time together and it became apparent that like souls find one another in the universe!
" Guitar Players must vibrate at their own frequency!"
Please remember to visit Dusty's web site at www.dusty.ca


South Korea BOUND?

Click Here to check out Randy's  pictures from "The Bellamy Brothers" South Korea tour for the troops.