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Randy sent these pictures along to share with all of you! Hope you enjoy!

Click any Picture to enlarge

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Camp Red Cloud, Seoul, S.Korea

sk11.JPG (105535 bytes) 


Yongsan, Seoul, S.Korea

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Camp Red Cloud, Seoul, S.Korea  Dec.29/04

sk10.JPG (71753 bytes) 

The Millenium Seoul Hilton

sk3.JPG (81507 bytes)

Artist in the Itaewon shopping district in Seoul

sk4.JPG (81760 bytes)



sk6.JPG (51622 bytes) Me with a R.O.K. soldier (Republic of Korea) in the central peace talks building that straddles North and South Korea. (I’m standing on the South Korean side!

sk7.JPG (62437 bytes) 

The Dragon Hill Lodge at Yongsan Garrison, Seoul

sk8.JPG (52594 bytes) 

Bellamy band back stage at Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek, Korea, 

December 31, 04

sk9.JPG (112980 bytes) 

Nativity scene from the Millenium Seoul Hilton lobby

sk14.JPG (35630 bytes) 


The “Bridge of No Return”  D.M.Z

sk12.JPG (46801 bytes) 

 “Hooker Hill” in Itaewon, Seoul, where we found “The Grand Ol’ Opry” lounge…just good old country music (played on vinyl records!) and dancing, honest!!!

sk13.JPG (70666 bytes) 


Worlds’ Most Dangerous Golfcourse! (it’s a minefield!!!)

sk5.JPG (67293 bytes)

Bus tour of the De-Militarized Zone (D.M.Z.)