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Founder and Producer of Randy Hiebert Band  

Lead Guitar for the Bellamy Brothers



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Hello all you Randy Fans!


The Newest Pictures From the Road! More Pictures Below:


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South Korea BOUND?

Click Here to check out Randy's  pictures from "The Bellamy Brothers" South Korea tour for the troops.



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Bobbi V., saw you in Lincoln Michigan on August 14,2004- Great Show!

Who Spotted Randy Where When Comments:
Peter and Susanne


March 20 – 22. 2009  it was an very special happening for us – a fantastic show!!!

hope your  „childhood dream“  came true and the concert in Germany with Nazareth was as special as you expected…

Wish you (and the band) all the best, good luck an maybe once again in Switzerland or Austria…





My Dear Friend Ann with Fellow Band Buds!

Little Nashville Opry, Nashville Indiana

April 22, 2006 Great to see Randy on Stage,  and The Brothers too of course! The show was incredable, though I noticed they aren't singing about how they can being persuaded these days!



More Pictures after the show  at "The Little Nashville Opry" below....click here!

Dsc01051.jpg (552984 bytes)

Tara (left) and Wendy (right)


Winnipeg MB @ Club Regent Casino


September 16, 2005

What a treat to see Randy perform at home in Winnipeg . It was a fantastic show and wonderful to see him again. WE MISS YOU RANDY!!!

Tiffany Henry 


Las Vegas, Nv Sun Coast Casino.


August 27th Randy it so good to see you after 5 yrs. You still rock baby!!!

Hope to see you again soon.

Gary Clemmons of Sidewinders'

heb&gary.JPG (16468 bytes)

City Limits Tucson


Sept 25, 2005 Saw Randy in Tucson last night, had a great hang. Here are a couple shots for the memories.


Additional Pics Below!

Anna Vance Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth , Texas June 18th

He was looking mighty fine!!!  I even picked up his CD.  It’s AWESOME, so all of you out there who haven’t gotten one, DO IT!!

Judy Steska Farmington, Missouri USA June 4th, 2005
I would like to say Randy was so enjoyable.  You could see how much he loved what he was doing.  He brought life to the stage and continually had a beautiful smile on his face.  I think his shorter hair looks AWESOME!  It was very attractive and sexy. 
I had the opportunity to talk to him a few minutes after the show.  He is such a down-to-earth, pleasant, intelligent man.  I was very impressed with him.  


Paul Griesbauer

paul-at-vistadores.JPG (149715 bytes)

Saw and met randy at a concert for the Rancheros Vasitadores in Santa Ynez CA. May 12,2005 Randy is a very down to earth and very genuine human being, with a healthy appetite for success.He‘ll definitely go the distance
Eddie Birkett Saw Randy on TV playing acoustic with Sierra Noble (fiidler) as part of a Promo for Juno events !! April 4th, 2005
The hair cut !!! Looks great , Randy looks well , gained a little weight ?(good)
all the best, Eddie


Brad Quesinberry  Flying from Winnepeg to Greensboro with layover in Chicago. January 13, 2005  I accidentally screwed up my seat number when boarding the flight from Winnipeg to Chicago and got to sit beside Randy on the flight. Honestly, didn't know who he was even after he said he was with the Bellamy Brothers, but after he named a few of their tunes, (Let Your Love Flow, Redneck Girl, Do Love as Good as You Look) I knew who he was. It was the best flight I have ever been on. The 2 hour ride seemed like only a few minutes. We talked about everything under the sun.

See you in Greensboro, Randy.

PS: I failed to mention previously that Randy knew my wife's uncle, Anthony Martin.

Tara and Wendy (from Randy’s hometown)

St. Michael , ND at Spirit Lake Casino December 4th, 2004 It was exciting to meet the Bellamy Brothers for the first time. We sure enjoyed the time we spent with Randy and the band members after the show. What a blast!!
randy1.JPG (26714 bytes)

Jamie A.

Lincoln, Mi. August 14th You Rock My Man!


Click Here to check out the latest pictures from "The Bellamy Brothers" South Korea tour for the troops.

New Randy PIc's- Added as they come In! (Click to Enlarge Any Picture!) 

A Recent Catch Up at the Little Nashville Opry Has brought us this batch of new friends!


Thanks to Gary Clemmons of side winders for the great picks he sent in. Also a couple I scooped from his groups site!

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Thank's to Paul Griesbauer for the following Photo Ops! 

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randy3.JPG (21217 bytes)   randy4.JPG (18417 bytes)  

Special Thanks to Eddie Birkett of CMA Entertainment for sending in these photos he scoped out from the Bellamy Brother site!

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