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Personal History
Tim has been playing drums since he was 5, and professionally for the last 20 years. In addition to the RHB, Tim has also performed and recorded with artists including Chris Cummings, Tara Lynn Hart, Kilowatt, Suzanne Gitzi, Kenny Shields(Streetheart) and many more.


He has appeared on A Channel's 'The Big Breakfast', the M.C.M.A. Awards show, and more recently, played the role of Kenny Stefaniuk in the theatrical play 'The Bridge'. He received the Tony Sianchuk award from the M.C.M.A.'s in 1998 as a member of Texas Udo, and has been nominated numerous times for the 'Drummer of the Year'.
    Current Projects
Tim continues to hone his craft and groove by doing many recording sessions, gigs with various artists, and touring the largest Canadian rock festivals with Streetheart this past summer! Tim has also achieved high rank and honor in pursuit of his love of Aikido.